About Us

Delehanty Consulting - Performance Consulting

Delehanty Consulting LLC was created to assist lotteries in enhancing their security, integrity, and performance. Our consultants collectively have over 125 years of lottery experience from having worked with more than 50 lotteries on five continents. Our experience covers a broad spectrum of disciplines. We are the industry leader in providing independent lottery consulting services. We have served more than 40 lotteries in the U.S. and Canada. Trust us with your unique lottery requirements.

Delehanty Consulting operates with the highest standards of ethics, confidentiality and integrity. These are the same standards that our client lottery’s must live-out on a daily basis.

The consulting services we provide include the following:

  • Performance consulting and assessments
  • Best practice studies and research
  • Gaming system procurement and implementation
  • Lottery workshops and seminars
  • Risk assessments and security evaluations
  • System acceptance testing
  • Lottery crisis management and problem-solving

Delehanty Consulting LLC is the only lottery consulting company that is 100 percent independent of all lottery gaming and service providers. We do not perform work for gaming system or lottery ticket providers and never hire lobbyists to influence decisions regarding lottery operations.