Who We Are

Herb Delehanty
Herb has over thirty-five years of lottery industry experience in executive, operational, and consulting roles. He is a recognized expert in the areas of lottery risk management and performance improvement. Herb has provided services for more than fifty lotteries on five continents. These services included performance assessment and consulting, incident management and risk mitigation, procurement and contract management, security consulting, and training and development. His focus is on providing service to improve the integrity, security, and performance of government-sponsored lotteries.

Gardner Gurney
Gardner has over thirty-two years of lottery industry experience in executive, operations, finance, auditing and administrative roles. He spent twenty-eight years with the New York Lottery, including a year as the Executive Director, two years as the Acting Executive Director and over five years as the Executive Deputy Director/COO.  Most recently, Gardner has provided services and consulting to eight lotteries in the areas of procurement, strategic planning, business continuity planning, performance assessment and security assessments.  His focus is on providing services to strengthen and enhance the performance, security and integrity of government-sponsored lotteries.

Jim Gradl
Jim has over 25 years of lottery industry experience in marketing, advertising, public relations, product development and best practice review services. Jim helped launch the Missouri and Louisiana lotteries and has worked either directly for lottery agencies or their marketing and advertising partners in 13 different lottery jurisdictions. Jim’s services include development of annual strategic plans, creative development of advertising campaigns, crisis communications, new product development and launch, retailer development plans and programs for sales staff development.


Tony Saragnese
Tony has over thirty-three years of lottery industry experience in executive, operational, financial, and consulting roles. He has provided services for 29 domestic and two international lotteries. These services include operations management, business development and expansion, performance management, and consulting. Tony has also provided services to casino industry and sports betting organizations. His focus is on providing services to improve operational, financial and overall performance efficiency of government sponsored lotteries/gaming organizations.